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Business Coaching Services

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Contract-to-Hire  

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects

See the refined range of experience that Streamline Consulting & Commuicantions, LLC's brings to your work

Business Process Streamlining

Do you know if your business is functioning at its highest rate of efficiency?  Most businesses have multiple employees performing similar tasks which leads to confusion and inconsistency.  Streamline Consulting & Communications, LLC looks at the processes your business has in place and evaluates them to see if there are ways to simplify them.  No business is ever too small to evaluate its efficiency, even if it is comprised of only you.

Work Space Organization

Even the best businesses cannot fully succeed in environments that are not well organized and where items can easily be located.  We offer both traditional and home based work space  and schedule organization solutions.  We work with you to find simple solutions to a more organized work space without breaking the bank, keeping in mind it needs to work for you.

Business Strategizing and Resource Utilization

Sometimes you just need a third party to bounce business ideas off of or to help you see opportunities that you might be too close to see.  We make sure you are utilitizing all the resources available at your fingertips and make sure you are plugged into your area, optimizing your client pool.  Sometimes a change of perspective makes all the difference.  Let us be that perspective shift!

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