Portfolio Samples

Below are links to a few high quality samples of different writing projects that Streamline Consulting & Communications, LLC has completed.  For more specific samples or to see a different type of work, please contact us so we may provide them to you.  
Press Releases


Streamline Consulting & Communications has written press releases for many different purposes and industries.  This showcased press release was written for a Grammy nominated musical artist.  The artist had just recorded a new, highly anticipated album.  This release was sent out to several music media outlets.

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Nonprofit Annual Report

This annual report is a piece of work that Streamline does for a nonprofit on a regular basis.  For the student and volunteer profiles, featured members also had to be interviewed in order to have sufficient and engaging content for the assignment.  All of the writing for this report, including the letter from the executive director, was written by Streamline Consultants and Communications, LLC.

Web Content

Streamline Consulting and Communications, LLC is experienced when it comes to creating web content for companies specializing in all types of industries.  Streamline works with each client to have their web content represent the high caliber business they run.  Of course, Streamline wrote all of the content on its own website as well.  

Online Reviews

This piece is a sample that was completed for a company that later hired Streamline for the assignment.  The assignment directions and information provided was vague and all the information that was provided is shown at the top of the linked document.  This piece showcases our talent and creativity.  

Procedure Documentation

Streamline Consulting & Communications, LLC has helped companies run more efficiently by documenting their procedures.  Not only does this help everyone in the company be on the same page, but it also helps ensure the groundwork is laid for expansion.  This document was a very basic document where financial seminar steps and responsibilities were outlined for company members.  

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