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Social media is not just about getting likes on your Facebook account or posting a picture about your business.  It is about branding and helping your business get the recognition and following it deserves.  It is about placing the entire world in front of you and making each viewer a potential client.  Whether it is assistance with "tweeting" on Twitter or hashtagging on Instagram, Streamline Consulting & Communications can transform your business and its social media platform.


Own a Franchise?

Streamline CC has a "secret sauce" to hyperlocalize content that can be of great benefit to franchise owners.  Our approach is truly unique and allows franchise owners to pinpoint their target audience through hyperlocalization at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.  Your franchises deserve for you to contact us to find out how this exclusive approach of Streamline CC's can take your franchises to the next level!  It's a decision you will not regret!



We offer each client a fully customizable package that will work best for their needs. Our packages cover a large spectrum of needs for all business types and sizes.  With our unique package "add-ons," clients have the ability to select whichever extras they may desire, whether it be just for one month or on a more permanent basis.  


Please contact us for our full list of packages and pricing.  

We offer:
  • Partial & Complete Social Media Management Services
  • Account Set Ups
  • Content Ideas and Resources
  • Optimalization Consultations
  • Basic Platform Explanation and Instruction

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