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Strategic Planning & Marketing

Brainstorming Sessions or General Consulting

During our brainstorming sessions, we can help you identify target markets and create fresh ideas on how to capitalize on their needs for your product or company.

Marketing Plan Creation

Do you feel like you are always about to fall of the back of the “marketing treadmill” or are not sure if you are marketing the way you should? Your marketing tactics need a plan and we can help you create one that will work just for your business’ needs.

Marketing Plan Implementation

So you have a great marketing plan, but what is it worth if you do not have anyone to implement it?  Implementation is key, but is extremely time consuming for businesses.  We can help coordinate efforts between your vendors (graphic designers, web developers, public relations team, etc.) to make sure your plan is executed to its fullest. 

Marketing Material Review/Audit

Let us evaluate your marketing materials to see if your company is putting its best foot forward and that your message is cohesive across every piece of printed and digital material your customers see and receive.

Focus Groups

Our focus groups allow you to make sure that your message or product is clearly received by your target audience and is on point.  We can help you assemble the groups, facilitate as an unbiased third party and deliver the results to you.

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